Company’s History


During the year

Company and the affiliates reworded the expenses of share-price different by ESOP-1 exercise of 683,962 shares at 847,907.69 Baht.



Increased company registered capital to be 652,343,752 Baht by issued 395,260,418 common shares at per-value of 1 Bht/share

  • For Right offering to the existing shareholder with RD condition 1 exist share : 2 new shares. in total 387,333,334 shares.
  • For serving the night adjustment of warrant (Color-W1) exercise 6,052,084 shares.
  • For serving the right adjustment of ESOP-1 exercise 1,875,000 shares.

Company settled the loan amount 100 million Baht to VIV holding and the affiliates.



Capacity expansion to be 45,000 Mton/year,which is part of total designed capacity 60,000 Mton/year at This new production site.


  • Increased company registered capital to be 257,083,334 Baht to serve the exercise of warrant (Color-W1), amount 48,416,667 shares and the exercise of ESOP-1 amount 15,000,000 shares.
  • Acquired composite Asia Co.,Ltd and Polypolyemer Co.,Ltd. then increased registered capital to be 15 Million Baht each with 25% paid capital.
2012 - 2014

There are significant improvement and change in the company.


Polymerit Asia Co.,Ltd. an affiliated company was appointed by Board of investment (BOI-Promotion) to produce and sale masterbatches and Ready-To-Use compound to serve both domestic and export market.


Relocation to new production site address 858 Moo 2 Soi 1C/1 Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Bangpumai, Muangsamutprakarn, Samutprakarn Province, Postage Code 10280